Kids’ Classes

The Writing Club is designed for which ages?

Typically, classes consist of 3rd-5th graders. If you think your 2nd grader would love the class, let’s chat.

We are also offering at least one older class for 6th-8th graders, per interest level.

Maximum class size is 15 writers to one teacher.

How do the classes work?

The Club Environment: On the first day of class, each club member will announce their chosen club name, which is how you shall be known in class. Past members have been Monkey Brother, Maxxila, and Boo Boy. Together, we will develop a class secret handshake, and finally, we will take The Writing Club oath, which creates an environment of respect amongst club members.

The Writing: Once the rules of the club are understood, we move on to the writing: free writes, story exercises and inspiration are introduced by the teacher.

We write, we share, and we write some more.

The Final Reading: At the tenth and final class, we will host our family and friends for the end of session author’s reading. Although everyone is encouraged to share, and public speaking is an important skill, it is not required (writers are often better with a pen in hand versus standing at a podium!)

What’s the cost?

$180 for the 10-week session. Payments accepted are check and paypal, due one week before class begins.

If you refer a friend who completes registration, you’ll get the first class free!

Class Themes

Our 10-week classes are designed with a theme that’ll inspire and carry us across the literary universe. Some example themes:

A Love Letter to California

California will be our muse for 10 weeks. Writers will look at famous and admired monuments and landmarks, write ourselves into big events like the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, and let everything from the coyotes of Griffith Park to the warm waters of the Pacific inspire our creativity. Craft and literary elements to be covered: Point of view, personification, surrealism, analogies, diction and grammar.

The Power of the Senses

Through exercises that focus on listening, tasting, touching and smelling, writers will learn to look to the senses for inspiration and verisimilitude. Craft and literary elements to be covered: descriptive writing, point of view, dialogue, diction, and creating vivid characters.

Book Club

Let’s read and write! Each week we’ll read different pieces of literature and discuss as a group. At times we will try our hand at emulating a writer, as well as talk about what we loved or disliked about the story or writing style. This is meant to be fun – not a literature class and definitely no required papers or essays!

Kid's Classes at wooden table with chairs