Featured Writer: Free Write Prompt

Writing Exercise: Natural disasters…

Natural disasters: tornados, tsunamis, earthquakes, fire, flood…intense experiences to write about! The young writers at Ivanhoe Elementary went there, and we saw all of the above plus one writer went through a string of natural disasters!

Here was the free write prompt, courtesy of Karen Benke in her super cool book called Rip the Page: Adventures in Creative Writing:

If you had to be in a natural disaster and couldn’t get hurt, which one would it be? 

natural disastersnatural disasters






Dear Mom,

I am in the eye of the hurricane. It is peaceful. All I do it sit huddled in the corner of my house, but I have to admit it’s quite exhilarating. I love the intense leak in my roof and the thunder booming and lightening cracking within reach of me. How I stay away from getting bored I will not say but the solution is magical. I would love to be in a hurricane over anything else.

Goodbye my friend, Alexander Hamilton – in the eye of the hurricane there is quiet.

-by Snow Flurry, Ivanhoe club member


A Tornado (Me)

One day, when I was doing ballet, I was spinning around the town. But I started to get dizzy and I couldn’t stop! So I tried to stop but instead I was destroying buildings really fast. Also, it really hurt my foot and I could hear people screaming. It made my ears ring. It was really hard but then I tried to spin in another direction and I started to stop. Then finally I stopped. And now I can finally rest in the clouds.

-by Minnie, Ivanhoe club member