Newspaper Writing

newspaper writing

Who? What? Where? When? Why?

Yes, we discussed newspaper writing, how to write a news article and I introduced the inverted pyramid. No, we did not talk about fake news

Of course, journalistic writing is fact based and not fictional. But for the sake of our class it was. I gave each writer a masthead and a selection of photos to chose from, and they invented the news-worthy newspaper article and headline (and sometimes an ad).

Here’s an example of one front page newspaper:


A storm at Wark Park made everyone disappear. They were sitting in the park when they head a loud crack – and then they all disappeared. This happened at midnight. We think that a lightening bolt zapped them and then made them vanish. We also think that someone did this because there are footprints that lead to a tree and then they stop.

-by Dabbin’ Pizza Topping

newspaper writing
Inverted Pyramid