Writing Exercise: Me Recipes

poems by kids

Me Recipes are poems in a recipe-style format that speak to the things (good, bad, bizarre) that make you, the writer, who you are.  There was no prescribed ingredient list — they could be literal and concrete, figurative and abstract, emotional, dark or light.  This is a way for the kids to reflect on their inner selves, and of course, to be silly. Here are a few from last week’s class:




Me Recipe Poems

By Chocolate Bunny Love


4 cups of baking

A sprinkle of Olaf

1 ½ teaspoons of bossy

1 gallon of sassy

5 gallons of cuteness

1 teaspoon of funny

1 handful of smart

A pinch of dance

Chopped up joy

A sprinkle of giggles


Keep in oven at 350 degrees and bake for 9 minutes. Let cool and frost.


Me Recipe

By Miss Piggy


1 gallon of happiness

2 gallons of sassy

2 dashes of giggles

2 boxes of shredded twin brother

2 day’s worth of kindness

1 week’s worth of sweat

A handful of words

1,000 books

1 day’s worth of tears

2 month’s worth of teaching

1 gallon of hate


Mix it all together and then bake for 3 weeks. Freeze for 10 days and then your recipe is ready. Enjoy!


Me Recipe

By Pineapple Man


Add 5 brains

1 pinch of verbs

All your teeth

This whole library of books

Shake in happiness of the San Francisco Giants


Blend in the blender for 2 years, and then freeze for 5 minutes. Bake at 350 degrees. Beat it together and eat it and then you will be someone else.


Me Recipe

By Cute Kitten


1 ounce of sweetness

1 teaspoon of long hair

1 pint of fuzzy-cut hair

1 quart of honey

1 cup of chocolate

1 gallon of cotton candy

1 tablespoon of giggles

1 handful of love

A dash of flowers

2 cups of mango and pineapple

A pinch of writing


Beat together and put in oven and let bake for one minute. Put any icing on the cake. It will last for 8 centuries and two years and 59 minutes.