PRAISE in their own words!

Words from Parents:

“I have been so impressed with Tessa White’s ability to teach my nine year old twins to reach for bold and interesting ways of expressing their thoughts and imaginations.  Not only do the kids love making time for her class after school, they run out of the classroom with such pride in their stride.  She takes time to connect with each child and give them confidence in their capabilities and inner voice.  I strongly recommend this course for children (or adults) of any age.  Tessa will likely find the hidden author in all of us.”
– Julie B.

“Tessa’s afterschool class has awakened my son’s inner writer and inspired in him new interest in all things literary.  Every week, he wakes up on the day of the class excited that he will get a chance to meet with his friends to create and share new stories.”
– Elizabeth N.

“My daughter loved listening to and telling stories from a very young age.  Her ability to take the stories in her head and put them onto paper proved difficult by both spelling challenges and the pressure to get the thoughts out and into some sort of structure.  I was so excited to find Tessa White’s after school writing club.  Ms. White had such a natural and fun way of teaching and relating to my fourth grade daughter.  Every week a different creative prompt and subject was used to tap into each child’s natural ability to story tell.  Here it is two and half years later and I’m still appreciating and pining for that club!  I only wish she hadn’t relocated from San Francisco or my daughter would still be enjoying the writing club and her gifted approach to teaching today – I guess it’s our loss and Los Angeles’s gain!”
– Monique D.

“Tessa’s writing club was amazing!  Tessa is patient, well spoken, and listens to how kids think.  My now 11 year-old took her class after school during his 3rd and 4th grades.  She taught him how to find his voice, explore many writing styles, genres and topics, and to have fun with learning how to express his ideas.  She turned my mentally-blocked, logical, nerd-kid into a highly expressive writer!!!”
– Sandy G.

“My son has so many ideas in his head, it’s sometimes difficult for him to choose what to write. The club helps make writing fun and helps him focus on what to write. ”
– Sheryl E.

Words from Kids:

“I loved the writing classes. I liked the writing prompts, especially when Tessa showed a picture and we could write something about it. I also liked the fact that you could share your writing at the end of the day (or not). It was helpful that Tessa showed some alternative vocabulary that I could use so that I did not end up using the same old words.”
– Vincent T., age 11

“Before I took Tessa’s writing class, I was terrible at writing stories. I would write lousy sentences like, “I walked to the store and bought some candy.” After I joined her writing club, I learned how to explore all types of writing including this excerpt from my first-person narrative about a bird’s migration:

…The snow dragged me down like I was on a leash. THUMP! I fell on a dagger-like cliff and bounced off.  My body was covered in crimson red.  My left wing and feet were torn and bleeding. I flapped wildly. I was falling. The snow followed me down, nipping at me and burning my wounds…”
– Ethan G., age 10

“Tessa’s writing club gave me so much to think about in the craft of writing and her entertaining prompts sent my mind whirling. The words fit together in sentences like pieces in a puzzle and it was fun crafting and playing with them, even putting the pieces in the wrong places every once in a while to get a laugh. The environment was always friendly and the company was always pleasant with Tessa’s calm presence and children bursting with ideas, their pencils to paper. I had always loved exploring the making of stories but coming out of Tessa’s writing club I had a new fondness for playing with words and and a special bond with a sharpened pencil. I am a new person because of it.”
– Natalie M., age 11