Writing Exercise: Anthropomorphism


This week we talked about the $5 word, anthropomorphism, or very simply put – animals having human traits.

The Wolf and the Chicken

Once upon a time there was a wolf that had a terrible fear of chickens, so he would hunt for cows and ducks with his gun instead. But a chicken was too much. So one day, this one chicken moved into town. His name was Jorge and he was terribly fat and he had very scary dull teeth and he licked his feet.

The wolf was terribly scared so he got his sunglasses on and knocked on the chicken’s door. He opened the door and saw a chicken family coming — they said, “MUST EAT WOLF. MUST EAT WOLF.” He was so scared! They bit him and he had feathers everywhere and he screamed AHHHHHHH!

“Phew,” said the Wolf. “It was just a dream.” Then he saw people gather around a car. The car’s window went down and there was the chicken named Jorge! The wolf was so scared he took his stuff, bought a snorkel, and ran to the ocean to live with the fish.

By Monkeys of Doom (club name)