Featured Writer: Snow Flurry

zombie free write

Writing Exercise: Zombie Free Write

Zombie free write! Students at Ivanhoe Elementary had fun with this darkly funny 10-minute free write last week. A neighborly correspondence between fathers ensues…

Dear Darren Johnson,

I am sorry to inform you that my son broke into your house yesterday while you were away. I tried to pull him to get off the lawn but when he turned around he had a well-manicured hand in his mouth. I later found out this belonged to your young wife. I believe that my son has turned into a zombie. Watch out, you’re next on his list.

Dear Jay,

I read your letter and have seen your son. It troubles me to tell you this but he bit me yesterday on the lawn. The poison is spreading, I am morphing into the zombie your son became. Help me…

Dear Darren,

Me too…I, I, I’m coming for you!!!

– by Snow Flurry (club name)